The Planeswalker approached the Elder Dragon and knelt, raising his head slowly and making eye contact with the beast. ‘You have come to me for assistance, I see,’ the Dragon spoke, his eyes lowering, focusing on the distance. ‘I will not aid you, Avara holds little to me now. It is but a pocket in a universe larger than even I can conceive, its destruction will affect neither me nor my kind.’

The Planeswalker stood up in protest, ‘It houses your kind, your kin! The Dragonborn will be exterminated if Argive is destroyed, you know that too well -’. The dragons voice boomed in retort ‘The Dragonborn! Hah! You attempt to sway me with emotional appeal? You should know more than others that I will outlive much of this world. The Dragonborn themselves are but ghostly apparitions of what once was a great and noble race. My whispers grant sentience to dormant beasts, why do you assume I would grant pittance to the Dragonborn?’

The human now standing stepped closer to the Dragon. ‘You are foolish if you believe you can defeat the Phyrexians, old one. They were formed from the essence of undoing, it is their quest to destroy all that is. Your age has made you detached from reality, your power has made you arrogant.’

The Elder Dragon lifted his wings and stood tall, ‘Do not speak to me about arrogance, Planeswalker. I have experienced in my lifetime more than what you would see in a thousand. I have born witness to the entropy of entire realities, I have beheld the birth and destruction of distant planes. All you humans have forged is a dream, a dream from which your precious race shall awaken to find themselves consumed in a greater nightmare.’


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