Avara, also referred to the First Work or the Material Plane, is a the largest planar nexus in the known multiverse. Compared to Earth it is approximately 1.5 times its diameter with an equivalent gravitational force. Prior to the two great wars, the world was much more solidified. Both events left many of the continents fractured and torn apart, creating many of the island chains that exist today.


Among the expansive ocean that encompasses the world, continents occupy a vast majority of the landmass on the plane.


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Shiv is a desolate continent to the north east of Jamuraa, consisting almost exclusively of plains of volcanic rock and volcanoes. The region is known for being the home to the Shivan clan of red dragons. The continent sits above a volcanic ridge which makes the coastal waters near boiling point, rendering any conventional transport useless is attempting to visit the island.


At the northern pole of Avalorn sits Icehaven, a vast arctic continent constantly engulfed in winter storms. Though a decent number of expeditions have ventured there, none have returned with any substantial evidence of life, whether present or past.

Island Chains


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