The extent of the multiverse is known as Avalorn. All known planes and dominions are part of Avalorn. Though it is often debated whether the Blind Eternities is considered part of Avalorn, many planar scholars believe that the Blind Eternities was created by forces different than those that constitute Avalorn, and thus have conceded on their separation.

The Planar Domains

The Ether

Also referred to as the Astral Plane, The Ether is the empty substance that lies between the planes. Travel through them is often done with great astral vessels that go from plane to plane.

The Natural Planes


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Also known as the material plane, Avara is the largest planar dominion in Avalorn.

The Feywild

The Feywild is one of two planar moons which orbit Avara. Sometimes referred to as the Emerald Dream, the Feywild is a brilliant and spectacular reflection of Avara, accentuating the natural beauty of the former. Those who have visited claim it to be the most beautiful place they have seen, though much like a dream, nightmares roam its grassy knolls.

The Shadowfell

Like the Feywild, The Shadowfell orbits Avara appearing as a reflection, but those who delve inside find it to be much more sinister and dark. Though fair and lawful territories can be found throughout the Shadowfell, many are deceiving in appearance, waiting to strip an unsuspecting adventurer of his wealth.

The Elemental Chaos

At the foundation of the world lies the Elemental Chaos, an ever churning elemental tempest. Filled with raw energy, the mana present often coalesces into foul elemental behemoths which roam the ever-changing landscape. It is believed that all arcane power once originated in the Elemental Chaos and long ago was dissolved into the fabric of the world.

The Upper Planes

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Artificial Planes

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Legends and Myths

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