History of Avara

The Age of Dragons

Thousand of years ago Avara was one of the central planes involved in the Elder Dragon Wars, though even after its ending it saw a persistent draconic presence among its many realms. The war brought an end to the great human Midvaran empire, whos many wizards took part in the ongoing onslaught of the dragonkin. The Elder Dragons Algamathroth, Thyrmaxx, Paradothanar, Myrmaxial, and Tardonathil fled to Avara to hide from the Celestial Armies during this period, in which many of them claimed rule over the globe for an unknown period of time and reshaped the continents to fit their needs. They were eventually driven out and killed by a collective of Eladrin and Human spellcasters by approximately -3500 AR.

The Magic Age

Left in a state of distraught following the end of the Draconic rule of the globe, Avara went into a period of silence where parts of the plane were realigned to regain equilibrium. As the surface world went into recession the Merfolk Empire Myrmyra rose in the Voda Sea and expanded westward, forcing a large amount of Sauhaguin towards Eudora. After reaching equilibrium, Eudora was contested by numerous human and dragonborn tribes for nearly five centuries until being driven out by a human wizard conclave that arose near Aerona, seeking to expand their futuristic empire. In the preceding years Argive would blossom into a powerful nation-state, quickly expanding control from the eastern principalities of Aerona to the western coast of Nabradia.

As Argive expanded culturally and geographically, control over each territory became increasingly difficult, eventually causing it to split in -870 AR into three smaller nation-states after nearly three centuries of uncontested expansion. Argive would remain in the greater Aeronan region, Zhalfir would occupy the greater Pravhian region, and Terrisare would occupy the northern section of Eudora. Though each state would develop its own cultural and economic identity, relations between the three nations remained amicable despite occasional border disputes.

In -310 AR Argivian expeditions to Jamuraa eventually led to contact with an Elven conclave that had resided there for an unknown number of centuries, establishing their presence throughout the northern region of Jamuraa. The two parties met peacefully and traded knowledge of the arcane arts and artifice, eventually leading to a prosperous relationship between the State of Argive and the Ellistraen Conclave.

Sometime between -35 AR and -25 AR, a dormant portal to Phyrexia was inadvertently opened by adventurers by the removal of a shattered draconic powerstone whose latent mana had been holding the portal shut.

The Phyrexian Invasion

On 0 AR, the Phyrexian Invasion began with the assassination of many of the leading political figures throughout Eudora.

By 7 AR, all of Aerona and a majority of eastern Eudora was under the control of the Phyrexian legions, despite heavy losses during their beginning pushes. They would slowly move throughout Eudora, destroying all life in their path.

From 8 AR – 24 AR the invasion would continue, moving down into Jamuraa and southern Eudora. In the fifth month of 14 AR, Urza and eight other planeswalkers retreated to the uninhabited island of Tolaria and began construction of the Titan Engines. By 25 AR, the Titan Engines had been completed.

On the third day of 25 AR, Urza the Titan Engines planeshifted to Phyrexia and began their assault. After twelve days of pushing towards the core of the plane, Urza activated with each Titan Engine a powerful mythal-like device, which drew from Phyrexia’s core and channeled it into three draconic powerstones which had been brought with them. When the powerstones reached their maximum capacity, they sent a massive torrent of arcane energy throughout the plane, eventually dissolving it entirely. The blast from the planes’ destruction shifted Avara off of its axial tilt, causing it to enter a period of harsh global cooling some years later. Urza and all of the other planeswalkers involved were killed in the resulting blast. With the destruction of their origin plane, the Phyrexian legions lost the will to fight, ending the invasion.

The survivors of the Phyrexian Invasion spent a number of years after the invasion searching out rogue Phyrexian’s and destroying them, disintegrating their remains in large furnace-like devices created by the remaining artificers and wizards.

By 39 AR, the globe had cooled noticeably, and gradually cooled until 46 AR, when Avara entered into an Ice Age.

The Ice Age

The Dark Age

The Gilded Age

The Sundering of Teferi

Current Age

History of Avara

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