Shards of Alara


The Shards of Alara are a grouping of Nomadic planes. Previously known as Alara, it closely resembled Avara in geographical appearance. After Nicol Bolas drew from Alara’s mana to reform Rath in an event known as the Alaran Sundering, Alara was split into five demi-planes, each of which took on a particular elemental property.

The Five Shards

  • Grixis: A vast swampy wasteland in a constant stage of darkness.
  • Illidia: A oceanic plane.
  • Atava: Filled with mountains.
  • Naya: Consumed in Forests.
  • Bant: A plane of air filled with cities built on floating earthbergs where many Raptoran tribes live.

Shards of Alara

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