Legends and Myths

Avara has a lot of Legends and Myths and stuff. Here are some of them.

Legendary Beasts

Orgathoxx: A large serpentine beast with 17 heads and two large clawed arms. It usually appears on coasts during heavy mists, destroying everything in its path.

Tarrasque: A gargantuan beast said to have been birthed as a vessel to destroy gods in the first moments of the universe.

Legendary Artifacts

Cards of Imprisoning: Legend tells of a powerful maniacal wizard who took great pleasure in bringing great misfortune to others. During his life, he created a deck of cards, in which each card was designed to imprison an individual in which it most resembled inside of the card.

The Golgothian Sylex: Ancient Midvaran tablets tell of a great though ancient artifact that held within itself the supposed power to wipe the world clean of evil, allowing the universe to start anew.


Blood Moon:


Lotus: In many cultures, this incredibly rare flower was regarded as a token of power, which often brought with it great promises of power to those who found them. The most rare of these lotus’ are the Black Lotus and the White Lotus. The former was seen as the embodiment of pure mana, and the latter the embodiment of purity. White Lotus extract, when acquired, is believed to be able to cure even death.

Legends and Myths

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